Mark Healy, Director, Six Degrees, www.sixdegrees.com.au

Matthew Dux has been responsible for delivering some extremely challenging projects for me over the years, and I could not recommend him more highly.

Matthew’s skills go beyond traditional landscaping, because he is able to interpret and present solutions that lift the entire project.

His ability to make the Landscaping connect with built form is of the highest standard, and I hope to undertake many more projects with him in the future.


Ann, Fitzroy

Matthew Dux has been doing my garden for ten years and I cannot speak too highly of him.

He is intelligent and engaging and has worked with me over that time to create a lovely garden space which has seen many changes mostly initiated by me but managed by him. He is a rich source of good ideas but always listens to what I want so that I always get something better than I expected; I learn and I think about my space; what is possible and how it might change. That is Matthew’s great strength – in his relaxed and enthusiastic way he guides and he informs so that the outcome is what everyone wants. I have gone from cottage garden to Australian bush and the stages in between and each step along the way has been just right at the time but it has been wonderful to work with Matthew in a dynamic way so that I keep thinking and there is always something new. I like it that he is interested and never discouraging as we progress.

My friends, family and visitors are always impressed by where my garden is at and I have recommended Matthew to a rather wide circle of people all of whom have been more than pleased with his work.

I have always enjoyed the way in which Matthew involves me in the work he does for me; he always consults and confers and will perhaps inform my shopping list so that my garden is always mine and I feel ok about accepting good comments about it.

Matthew is responsive to “this needs to be done yesterday” panic calls and will soothe and rise to the occasion if a tree has come down in a high wind or if I need some immediate cosmetic attention. He is absolutely capable.

He is a joy to have in one’s life and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any aspect of gardening work.